Via Eurasia: Avrupa Kültür Rotası Projesi Bilimsel Komite Toplantısı 20.12.2019

The Via Eurasia is a cross border cultural route, which links Italy to Turkey through the Balkans and is composed of individual networks of ancient roads, ranging from the Phrygian Road network, through roads of the Roman Empire, to those of the Ottoman Empire.

As part of the Civil Society Dialogue 5 EU Program, the management and scientific committees of this 5000 km cultural route is preparing to submit an application dossier to the Council of Europe for certification. 

The scientific committee will gather on December 20th via a meeting kindly hosted by the Boğaziçi University’s Tourism Administration Department and BU-Applied Tourism Administration and Research Center. 

During the meeting old road networks from different eras and sustainable tourism aspects of the Via Eurasia will be discussed with open sessions and short presentations.